Does EloERP Have Any CRM Abilities? | EloERP

Now, these days there is a fast competition between any kinds of business. Everyone wants to take their business at the top of success. So for this purpose, you need CRM capabilities to make excellent to your business in this era of business competition.
On the other hand, current POS systems have evolved well on the far side of these old traditional abilities offered by POS systems. The latest POS software systems, such as ELoERP POS, assist you in attracting, retaining, and delighting your consumers with its consumer relationship management (CRM) abilities.

Let me define CRM first

Let’s begin with basics for those of us who are don’t seem to be quite conversant in CRM systems. The word CRMs called Customer Relationship Management. Because the name suggests, it helps you track your business’s interaction with its consumers.
Your CRM information contains consumer’s complete data like contact details, products, birthdays your client notes and services they purchase from you go on.

You could use CRM analytics to understand your customer’s higher. For instance, you can make a group according to their age and gender, determine visit frequency, average purchase quantity, product categories that are mostly preferred by certain groups, and much more. With this, assumption work is taken out of the equation; thus, you’ll build familiar choices regarding your product lines, promoting campaigns, and business tactics.
With ELoERP, you’ll access your Back office options from any place as it’s all on the cloud. One in all the largest advantages of cloud technologies is that the integrated CRM tools are accessible at any time and from anyplace.

Using Email Receipts as a selling Tool
ELoERP offers receipt emailing capability, and so at the checkout, you’ll raise your consumers if they’d like receipts to be emailed rather than written. Your consumers would love this as a result of they don’t need to worry regarding lost receipts; a digital copy is saved in their email. Anytime they visit, they need to produce only the name, and the receipt is emailed. At a similar time, you and your consumers are serving to the surroundings by not printing it on paper.

However, there’s an even bigger top for you as a retailer, and you’ll be able to grow your client information during this manner simply. The ELoERP emailed receipts feature your brand, website, and social media links, and it also helps produce a long-lasting impression and repeat consumers.

MailChimp Integration
Social media is big of late and people pages on your receipts area simply what you required. However, email promoting is that the gold that never loses its value. ELoERP seamlessly integrates with MailChimp; therefore, all the client records you collect through your POS system are automatically synchronized along with your MailChimp account. This integration permits you to produce participating campaigns and consistent communication, along with your consumers. These new Points of sale system abilities may be a game-changer for your industry.