Integrations In Point of Sale | EloERP

POS system is a basic device for any retail location, it shouldn’t be the just a single you have.

Accounting Software

There’s a lot of cover between the information a POS framework gathers and the information you requirement for exact accounting. Why not incorporate the two and spare yourself hours in compromise?

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a feasible technique for any retailer. For each $1 spent on email marketing, the normal ROI is $44. Start curating your email list today.

E commerce Platform

From blocks to clicks. Each physical store needs to have an online store in the event that they need to rival purchaser requests of omni channel shopping.

Payment Processing

As more customers are resigning money as their liked payment technique, incorporated MasterCard processing is an unquestionable requirement have for consistent exchanges over the entirety of your sales channels — physical and advanced.