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A capable POS system is that the distinction between busy restaurants that appears a lot of like an open market than a comfortable institution wherever customer will relax whereas peacefully enjoying their most popular orders for the day. Except for reducing the number of waiters and different workers to require care of orders, seating clients, and ensuring the food arrives at the correct table and on time, Point of sale systems remove the technical hitches of handling any range of floor orders and a fast-dwindling inventory.

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Here we are going to explain some major features of POS for your industry-leading restaurants:

Maintain your entire business in one place:
No matter however busy your day gets, you’re your restaurant POS can forever keep you up to the mark and facilitate your workers keep economical.

  • Staff management
  • Custom floor plans
  • Multiple menu and modifier management
  • Workflow and printer management
  • Timed events

It can do offline work same as you can online:
Internet or without an Internet, it is business as common for a smooth shift from beginning to complete.

  • Nonstop services
  • Fully-featured offline mode
  • Automatic syncs and backups

A turnaround with table-side faster ordering:
No matter your clients are at a table, bar or on the terrace, continually provide them at the time services.

  • Assign orders to seats or tables
  • Manage takeout and delivery orders
  • Split or cluster bills and transfer things
  • Divide things between customers
  • Preset modifiers to hurry up order-ta

A POS that scales with your business:
It is every retailer’s goal is to run a successful business and to transform an enterprise into an empire and scaling is a decision that must be taken very carefully. If you are not ready for expansion then you would not attain success. So, for your convenience, we have compiled a list of the best pros and cons of scaling your business.

  • Watch over each location from anyplace
  • Overview of your entire business
  • Manage everything from one place
  • A fully-featured resolution you may never outgrow

You can run reports from anyplace:
You can get nonstop access to all your data and reports through iPad, mobile phone or desktop computer.

  • You can find out what’s creating (or losing) you revenue
  • You can track employee’s performance and shifts
  • You get a live, customizable feed of revenue centers
  • Opt for EloERP advanced coverage for deeper insights

A POS system will help you in safer payments and quicker checkout
Manage all swipes, transfers, taps, tips, and splits, with associate Euro-pay, MasterCard, Visa-compliant terminal and Peripheral Component Interconnect -certified software system at no further price.

  • Transfer things to a unique table or guest
  • Add tip on the spot or later once you’ve got time
  • Open tabs and place orders on account
  • Set tip distribution for the team
  • Offer single-seat checkout to cluster orders

you always wanted the kind of support
We will go the additional mile as a result of we predict the most effective things in life are presupposed to be free.

  • For free, of course, one on one on-boarding session
  • Unlimited 24/7 support. And it’s free, however, you knew that.
  • Webinars, demos and videos. Again, all altogether free.

Finally, everything you need is present in one place
All our software package integrate seamlessly to every alternative, creating its unbeatable suite of hospitality solutions.

  • Get one fully-integrated providing
  • Choose from basic to premium options to best meet your desires
  • One company to trust – One supply of client knowledge – One support team

POS system top off with shiny hardware
Or use what you have already got if that’s easier for you. We provide the best designed specifically to you want, which will handle the hustle of your busiest shifts.
There is a unit a dime and dozens of POS and restaurant management solutions out there, and choosing the most effective is not very easy. You may act to appear up a free trial supply before plunging into a final purchase. If your business is within Pakistan you’ll be able to simply sign in for EloERP POS free demo. It is associate unbeatable thanks to concluding your analysis on the platform.