Point of Sale Marketing: The Power Behind Impulse Purchases | EloERP

Have you heard of point-of-purchase placement in retail marketing?

Point-of-purchase marketing is when a retailer strategically places certain products near their point of sale to incentivize consumer impulse buying. When used properly, this marketing tactic is a surefire way to increase a customer’s transaction value by cross-selling related items.

Pro merchandising tip: Unlike the items placed on your shelves, customers only take a couple of seconds to decide if they want to buy a point-of-purchase product. If you sell low-investment products (like shoe cleaners, gift cards or accessories) consider placing them near your point of sale.

Eye-Catching Point of Sale Displays 

You may have already explored using display stands around your store, but do you know if they caught your customers’ attention?

Most stores fall into the habit of standard shelving, but now’s the time to go above the ordinary.

Take a look at some eye-catching examples of point of purchase displays.

Free-standing units

Free-standing units are all about making a statement and guiding customers towards a particular product or brand.