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Pricing Plans

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Invoicing Suit

Single Machinie

Good for Invoicing, Sale, Purchase with Inventory.

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Business Suit

2 Machines

For smaller stores, to manage Sale, Purchase, Invoicing, Inventory, discounts and other essential things.


Business Suit Pro

3 Machines Allowed

For Large stores, to manage advance set of items with special Financial Accounting features.


Business Suit Plus

6 Machines Allowed

Advanced functionality for emerging brands and high volume of businesses, covering every business industry.


Plan Comparison

Business Suit
Business Suit Pro
Business Suit Plus


  • Devices
  • Additional Devices

Advance Inventory Management

Multiple Units System

Product Group


Discounts & Promotions

Product Creation

Multiple Pricing Setup

Product Custom Unit

Custom Unit Mapping by Group

Opening Stock


Price list Report

Product Report

Stock Report

Barcode & Label Printing

Barcode with Prices

Stock Shortage

Zero Stock Report

Purchase Management

Suppliers Management

Purchase Quotation

Purchase Order

Purchase Invoice

Purchase Return

Material Receipt

Stock Return

Purchase Reports

Purchase Quotation Register

Purchase Order Register

Purchase Invoice Register

Purchase Report by Date

Purchase Report by Supplier

Purchase Report by Salesman

Purchase Report by Pricing Setup

Sales Management

Customers Data Management

Sale Quotation

Sale Order

Sale Invoice / Point of Sale

Sale Return

Product Return

Installment Defination

Receive Installment

Back Order

Dummy Invoice

Sales Reports

Sale Report by Customer

Sale Report by Salesman

Sale Report by Pricing Setup

Sale Report by Payment Methods

Sale Report by Date

Installment Reports

Installment History

Sale Quotation Register

Sale order Register

Sale Invoice Register

Service Management

Service Defination

Service Category

Service Units & Mapping

Service Ticket Management

Service Employee Portal & Statuses

Service Label & Barcode Printing

Service Receipt Printout with Barcode

Service Ticket Printout with Barcode

Service Status SMS

Service Status Email

Financial Accounting

Account Group

Account Ledger

Trial Balance

Balance Sheet

Chart of Accounts

Profit & Loss

Cash Flow

Payment Voucher

Receipt Voucher

Journal Voucher

  • 29 Pre-defined
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited

Financial Reports

Account Group Reports

Account Ledger Reports

  • Debetors + Credetors



Bank Accounts

Cheque Book

Cheque Cancel

Bank Reconcilation

Banking Reports

Banking Report by Party Issued

Banking Report by Empty Cheques

Banking Report by Clearance

Banking Report by Pending Cheques

Cheque Book Report


Material Receipt

Stock Packing

Stock Unpacking

System Setting

User Management

User Creation

Password Management

General Setting

Short Keys


SMS (Coming Soon)


Touch Screen Point of Sale

Import Products

Import Customers

Import Suppliers

  • +$100
  • +$100
  • +$100

Business Statistics

Account Receivables

Account Payables

Top Sales Men

Top Customers

Top Suppliers

Top Selling Products

Top Selling Brands

Top Selling Groups

Top Selling Days

Multiple Currency/ Exchange Rate

Tax Management



Voucher Type & Apply Taxes

Database Backup

Database Restore

Time Zone, Date & Time Setup

Security *& User Rights

Financial Year


Multiple Payment Gateways