Reporting Features You Should Be Using In Your POS System | EloERP

Mostly to run your business, business owners need a point of sale system which is a combination of software, hardware and helps to run your transactions. Typically software has so many multi functions contains payment processing, customer, and inventory management.

The hardware of point of sale contains an internet-enabled device which can run the POS software and it has transaction tools like a receipt printer and a cash drawer. POS systems may be have high or cheap price. In specific business terms, a point of sale commonly referred from acronym POS which is difficult to grasp.

A right POS system can help remove a lot of manual work and tracks which is the most important data and your business needs to be monitoring.

Now we are going to give details of the most important two reporting features which you need to use in your point of sale system.

The first important reporting feature of the point of sale is:

Reports of inventory
Many point of sale systems contains various components of inventory asset management software, permitting you to keep your stock volume in line. Just like a business person to need to generate reports showing your inventory reports of quantities, inventory stock and items and ingredients you need to get.

Here are some good reports of POS inventory management:

  • Reports of inventory record
  • Reports of inventory value
  • Reports of waste material for restaurants
  • Reports of real-time tracking

Reports of sale
Sales are the god coins of every business person so the ability to generate details of sales reports must come standard with any cloud point of sale. POS sales reports help you point out which items are bringing you the most profits and which items have the highest sale of the year and which items have no highest sale.

Here are some important metrics to track on your POS sales reports:

  • Reports of top-selling and worst-selling items
  • Reports of sales activity by day and date range
  • Reports of sales by department, employee, product
  • Report of menu reports means sales by menu item
  • Reports of most commonly returned items
  • Reports of gross profits for weak, month and year
  • Reports of online and mobile sales