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Point of Sale is an essential tool in the retail store (when was the last time you saw a non-digital till being used?). As the years go by, new systems are being released which affects the Least specifications required to run a Point of Sale smoothly. If you run a Point of Sale on an old computer you may face crashes (oh no!), slow performance (double no!), and even data losses (oh no, no, no!).

Before you head out to buy your next Point of Sale hardware, take into consideration the following advice so you ensure that all transactions will be recorded securely and you will be able to checkout your clients without any issue.

EloERP Point of Sale Least specs

Least System Requirements for running a Point of Sale
Beyond processing power, what matters the most while installing a Point of Sale is connectivity. The Least recommended Internet speed is 2 Mbps download / 1 Mbps upload while the optimal Internet speed would be 6 Mbps download / 2 Mbps upload.

What browser is the best for a Point of Sale?
Anything but Internet Explorer (we mean it!). The top browsers recommended for managing a Point of Sale are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. While Chrome has dozens of add-on integrations, while Mozilla Firefox recent updates makes it a privacy powerhouse.

What memory & speed is recommended to run a Point of Sale?
To run a Point of Sale, you will need a computer with a CPU speed of 1 GHz or higher processor, 1 GB of Ram memory and 3GB of hard drive space. You can find brand new laptops with these specs for as little as $350, which is great for new retailers.

What printers are compatible with Point of Sale?
Point of Sale usually work with any printer that is compatible with the rest of the hardware, however it is recommended to get one that can also drive a cash drawer. That being said, Point of Sales installed on i Pads seem to run smoothly with the EPSON Star printer series.

What cash drawer should be used with a Point of Sale?
The cash drawer is a vital part of your Point of Sale. Your best choice is to get a “printer-driven” cash drawer, which attaches to the printer so the drawer pops every time a receipt is printed. Cash drawers connected directly to a CPU will not work with Point of Sale systems like EloERP.

What bar-code scanners are compatible with Point of Sales?
Although you can work Point of Sales without needing a scanner, checkouts will be a breeze by investing in a good bar-code scanner that can be set to keyboard mode. In the particular case of iPad Point of Sale, you should use a Bluetooth compatible bar-code scanner that can toggle between the device keyboard and the scanner.

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